USB Cable Cardboard Hook Display with LED For WYN SARL At Exhibition

USB Cable Cardboard Hook Display with LED For WYN SARL At Exhibition


The USB cable cardboard hook display, like other advertisements, can play a role in establishing and enhancing the corporate image in the sales environment, thereby maintaining a good relationship with consumers. Cardboard display stands are an important part of corporate visual identity. Retail companies can make store logos, standard words, standard colors, corporate image patterns, promotional slogans, slogans, etc. into various forms of cardboard display stands to create a distinctive corporate image.            

LED USB cable cardboard hook display

This is the physical picture of our customers--WYN SARL

We designed the cardboard display together with the client.

These displays included: cardboard floor display for USB cable, PDQ, counter top display, POP cardboard hook display and power wing display.                                  

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Why Choose USB Cable Cardboard Hook Display

1. More targeted. The cardboard display frame is designed according to the product characteristics, advantages, and the customer's consumption habits. It is suitable for product promotion and targeted, and helps to accurately grasp the positioning of the product in the market and the theme of promotion. The price will be lower than acrylic,but more useful

2. High material utilization rate, cost saving, green environmental protection, light weight, small size, convenient transportation, convenient assembly and multiple use. It is understood that the advantages of mass production of custom paper display stands are first reflected in the price. According to the requirements of the display rack, the selection of materials is more clear and more reasonable. The cardboard display rack is composed of a plurality of unit parts. The professional design staff performs structural optimization and layout in order to reduce the cost of the construction, and combines the entire process flow to carry out preliminary cost estimation and reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. Reject the profit of the middlemen. The production of cardboard display racks requires more than 10 processes such as design, plate making, printing, surface treatment, crepe paper, and laser die-cutting, all of which are independently completed by our company. Save your time and effort, and without a broker to extract profits, the quotation will be more competitive.

4. Personalized product appearance. The USB cable cardboard hook display rack is mainly made of corrugated paper, and the surface layer of paper is generally made of printable paper, on which fine patterns can be printed, such as the company's LOGO, product features, product promotion information and so on. Create your own attractive patterns and styles based on product features and scope, and make your custom cardboard display stand more distinctive.

5.LED decorate.  The USB cable need to attract the people and stood out, the light is essential.

Haojun specialized in manufacturing cardboard display for 10 years.

We accept customized, as long as you have an idea, we can help you achieve it.

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