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Donation Box - Our Love in Mexico


The Donation Begun

Easy to fold, easy to transport, reasonable priced, environmental-friendly, making the cardboard floor display stand to become the first choice for many companies and organizations in various activities.

One day in 2018, a football charity event to encourage young people to achieve their goals opened at a certain playground in Mexico city. We were the supplier of the Cardboard Floor Display Donation Box.

Donation box

Pattern & outlook design

The main items for the donation were football shoes. Because of the special size of the items, it was especially important for the donation box design. Our professional designers based the cardboard floor display on to the actual situation of the size of the local youth shoes in Mexico. The special design made the donation of the item go smoothly and also empressed the members of this donation, we saw hundreds of teenagers donated their shoes, it was successful, many participants joined in as soon as they saw the donation boxes.


Material selection

Many customized displays care too much about the design but ignore the material. All of the materials we selected for this charity event are environmental-friendly. After being used, it will not have a bad influence on the environment. This is one of the important reasons why organizations choose us.  We offer free design displays, but not the design itself also all of our clients' requirements.


Haojun display donation Box


Convenient transportation and quick assembly

Before making the decision, the organizers cared a lot about the shipping fees and the assemble. If it is assembled during transportation, it will inevitably bring huge shipping expenses. But if the parts are assembled locally, it will take a lot of time, so our designers with years of experience strict analyzed various products on the market. With the folding and inserting method, the transportation cost is greatly reduced, and the assembly can be completed in only 20 seconds, which is convenient and quick and saves transportation costs. 


Donation box

Timely and effective after-sales customer satisfaction

From the display stand design to the smooth evening of the event, we have dedicated designers and sales staff to provide full service and solve various problems.

Haojun display

What should I do if I wanna order other types of displays? 

A:  1). Display style & size you need (W * D *H)

     2). Quantity

     3). Printing & Surfaces to finish

     4). Packing

     5). Accessories

     6). Inco Terms


If I do not have a file about the size am I able to get a design?

A:  Yes, we have professional designers,  you just need to provide the size of the products we can design a suitable design for you.


If you wanna cardboard floor displays or donation box don't hesitate to contact us.

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