Cardboard Display-Why YNC Give Up Metal Display And Choose US

Cardboard Display--YNC Received Tremendous Praise for Their New Displays 

Founded in 1978, YNC is a franchisee licensed by Disney, Marvell Universal and other leading brands whose mission is to create and market children's fashion products, which include hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas, footwear, lingerie, pea bags, garden bags, swimwear towels, sunglasses and so on. With their approach to providing the best quality products and excellent services, YNC gets the inspiration for the latest and hottest fashion trends in the world.


Cardboard Display

A Call From Israel

One day in 2017, we received an order that inquiry display stands to show sunglasses and fashion accessories for Children in store. Then we asked about the specific size and material requirements from the customer. A few hours later, we received a phone call from Israel.

On the phone, the customer told us that the metal display stands to be used before, but now it freaked him out.

“I thought that the quality of the metal display was excellent as I wished, but in the actual situation, various problems of itself I had to meet”

The Problem of Metal Display

1.High freight charges
The metallic materials are keeping custom cost up always. The customer also had to face various problems in the customs clearance and it made the delivery time increase. Moreover, the shipping cost is higher due to the cumbersome of the main body of the bracket.
2.Troublesome pattern printing and long delivery time
The color is hard to be printed in the metal itself especially in the big stuff. And it is easy to fade after using a period of time.
3.Difficult to assemble and transport
When the customer got a call from the courier, he had to pay someone for him to pick up. After receiving, he took much time in the reading specification.

4.Environmental pollution issue
The metal shelf is made of metal material, which is not easy to be degraded. When the customer's product is replaced, the previous display needs to be eliminated meanwhile

Under the patient listening, we recommended the cardboard display to him.

The Advantage of Cardboard Display
1.Low shipping cost and easy to clean, easy to fold, easy to assemble
2.An eye-catching graphic to keep up with the market trend for quickly attracting attention and encouraging interaction
3.A powerful visual impact and structural integrity combining for easy to access to products
4.100% recyclable, biodegradable and environmental-friendly 

Sunglasses cardboard display

The Results

After considering, the customer indicated that he was only willing to order a sample as an attempt. Then we selected the Frozen as the display theme after discussing with the customer. When the customer received it, he expressed incredible for the lowest freight charges and the fast delivery time. The customer was very satisfied and then all his metal display stands were replaced by the cardboard displays(cardboard floor displays, cardboard hook displays, and cardboard counter display stands)which designed by Hao Jun.

Haojun cardboard

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