Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging

The paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight and foldability, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, etc., but the water resistance is poor, and the strength is poor when wetted. Paper packaging materials can be divided into two major categories: paper packaging and cardboard packaging.

The general packaging paper is collectively referred to as paper packaging. The performance requirements of paper packaging mainly include the following aspects: high strength, low cost, good air permeability, and wear-resistant packaging are often used as shopping bags, paper bags, such as kraft paper. Paper with a smooth surface and high strength is often used as a label, clothing tag, bottle sticker, such as bleached paper. Supported by natural raw materials, non-toxic, high transparency, smooth surface, tensile, moisture-resistant, oil-proof wrapping paper, mostly used in food packaging, such as cellophane. 

cardboard packaging

Cardboard Packaging:

 Cardboard provides the best and most convenient options for consumer-friendly product packaging. It can support almost all printing technology, making it the perfect choice for unlimited customization. Haojun, as the great and recognized manufacturer, can be able to provide a variety of custom paperboard material including crafts, white Kraft, CCNB and food grade.

It is better to order more than 1000 units to avoid high cost, labor and shipping costs. Also, we will help to determine the exact box size of your items, make customized samples and 3D drawings to check and test the packaging, PDQ counter display box, and cardboard display box before bulk production. We can provide all the free box samples with your own logo, design, and shape in 1-2 days. Also can make the special processes on the cardboard packaging box, display box, such as Spot UV, debossing, foil stamping, embossing, texture, etc, for different design possibilities.




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