Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box

Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box  Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box
Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box  Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box
Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box  Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box
Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box  Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box

Product Details:

  • Brand:Haojun
  • Serial Number: HJ-19041811
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong,China
  • Certificate:SGS ISO9001

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:0.5-2 USD
  • Minimum Order: 100 pieces
  • Average Delivery Time:10-12 working days
  • Payment Method:T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
  • Package Details:1000pieces/carton
  • Ability to Supply:200000-500000 pieces/month
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Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box  Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Packaging Box

This Luxurious buckle bottom box uses degradable paper and the raw material is made of corrugated paper to increase the handling weight of the box. With the double-sided printing plus Glossy Lamination surface treatment, shows the company's image and also protects the box from deformation caused by extrusion. Since the box is used to hold water-containing goods, the inner layer of the box is also printed with the surface treatment of Glossy Lamination, so that the box will not affect the service life of the box due to the water supply problem of the internal product.

Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box


Due to the particularity of products in this picture so it is used for Fruit and Vegetable Carrying Box, we chose the above designs, we can also produce the boxes you want , you if you have your own design, if don't have any designs of the one you want, and you wanna purchase  a similar Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box, we can also design for you free of charge, you only need to tell us what you need, the size of the box and usages, the more the details we have, the shorter time we design for you, if you have any box of materials and printing requirements, we will satisfy you as well. 

Packaging box

Why we choose cardboard carrying box

Suitable for strength, light shock absorption, impact and friction resistance, foldable, auto-packing, clean and safe, easy to stack, print and merchandise promotion, and low price. Modern society has developed to this day, cardboard boxes have become ubiquitous in people's economic life, and there is no substitute product that can compete with cardboard boxes. Most of the products we produce, even if they are packaged in paper, glass, plastic, metal, etc., still need the outer packaging carton to change the shape into a regular square. After stacking the pallets, they are loaded into cars and containers for transportation, short-distance transportation, postal delivery. , warehousing and retail. If there is a shortage of packaging paper and paper packaging, industrial and agricultural products will be difficult to withstand repeated transportation of cars, trains, ships, warehousing, express delivery, etc. and maintain a low breakage rate, and even the products cannot be produced. Most of the products without paper packaging will be difficult to meet the requirements of transportation and storage at home and abroad, and some products will be difficult to put on the shelves of domestic and foreign markets. The carton can even withstand repeated throwing and kicking during express sorting. Carton packaging can also reduce the storage and transportation damage of at least 30% of industrial and consumer goods.

packaging and carrying box

Most of the paper packaging has been recycled through the waste paper recycling system to become a new packaging paper. Luxurious Buckle Carrying Packaging Box can be reused and recycled, buried in the ground and fully biodegradable into fertilizer, which can be converted into bio-energy. The whole process of corrugated carton production is also clean and environmentally friendly. The main components in the wastewater produced by waste paper pulping are the depleted plant material such as fine plant fiber and starch, and the waste residue can also be fully utilized. The use of cartons is a reflection of social progress. 

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